Our Soaring Eagles
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12034        MOUNTAIN EAGLE
MIRROR        "Wonderful wall art
masterpiece is a doubly delightful
decoration! Sculpted oval frame
features a proud bald eagle soaring
over his mountain home; mirrored
center is an ideal inspiration for
reflections upon nature’s beauty. Hook
on back for hanging. Polyresin and
glass. 12" X 3¾" 17" high.         $59.95
12031        MOUNTAIN EAGLES
FIGURINE        "A pair of majestic
eagles duels for dominion over a
craggy mountaintop, while their spirit’
s image appears within the rough-
hewn rock. This double decoration
is a nature lover’s delight! Polyresin.
8" x 3" x 10" high.         $24.95
39542        WATCHFUL EAGLE
STATUE        "A snowy-headed
eagle grips a weathered branch
with his powerful talons, his steady
gaze sweeping over the rugged
landscape below. This striking
statue eloquently captures the
beauty and might of this majestic
creature! Polyresin. 7 3/8" x 5 3/8" x
9¼" high.         $29.95
     "Marvelous contemporary
sculpture depicts a lone eagle flying
above a crested wave; flowing
silhouette and faux-marble finish
create a striking image. Absolutely
elegant! Polyresin. 8" x 5" x 16½"
high.        $89.95  
28313     EAGLE PAPERWEIGHT     
   "This proud eagle carved in clear
glass is a refined and patriotic
decoration. 5¾" x 1½" x 6" high.       
39155        MOUNTAIN EAGLE
FOUNTAIN        "A bald eagle rides the
breeze above a rocky cliffside, his
eyes constantly scanning the
cascading crystal waters for signs of
prey. This beautiful tabletop fountain
brings the sight and sound of outdoor
beauty to your home or office; simply
add water to instantly create a majestic
miniature wildlife scene! Ceramic. UL
Recognized  8½" x 9" x 13" high.