our selection of
100% Pure American Soy Wax Candles
the new alternative to paraffin wax candles
Our soy wax candles are hand poured in 8 oz glass jelly jars with black metal lids. They have our custom label on
the front, a description of the fragrance on the lid and a candle burning instructions label on the bottom.
You May Ask:    Why Soy?
  • Soy Candles burn 50% longer than paraffin candles of the same size.
  • Eco-friendly soy wax, with cotton wick (not lead), burns slower, cooler,
    cleaner and produces less soot.
  • Made from soy beans grown in the USA.
  • Non-toxic, less likely to trigger allergies and spilt wax washes up with
    soap and water.
  • Available in over 150 different and exciting aromas, using Pure Essential
  • Some candles, (designated BODY SAFE) may be used on the skin as
    massage oil or in bath and body products.
$12.00 ea. + s/h
Please specify which fragrances you want
and how many of each by sending us an
Here is our most up-to-date list of our available candle scents. Many candles are "Body Safe" and many contain
"All Natural Essential Oils". This will be denoted by the symbols next to the name.  

If you have any questions please email us at:  
info@specialangelsunique gifts.net

NOTE that we are adding new fragrances all the time, so keep checking back to see what's new.

Most orders take approximatly 3 weeks to complete because
"we don't pour them till you order them" ( unless your choice is already in stock.)
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Pure soybean wax + cotton,lead free wicks + biodegradable + environmentally friendly = GREEN CANDLES
Creamy & Natural Soy Candles drenched in natural fragrance oils & pure essential oils fused together to offer you a
clean, natural soy candle.
NOTE:  Dye may be added to your candle to give an appropriate color, but this makes your candle no longer
considered  100% Natural.
Body Safe - may be used on skin & in bath & body products
contains Pure Essential Oils
aloe vera

amber sandalwood

apple cinnamon

applejack & peel


arabian nights

asian spice  

at the lodge


baby toes  

bajan fig & oakmoss

balsam spice  

bamboo hibiscus  

bamboo sugarcane  

banana nut bread  


beach house  

bergamot & mandarin

berry creme brulee  

birthday cake  

black cherry

black tea  

blackberry sage  

blueberry muffins

brown sugar & fig (bbw)

bug off!

celadon frost

chamomile & musk melon

chocolate kisses  

christmas eve  

cinnamon buns  

citron et figue  

citrus & sage  

citrus & teakwood  
clean linen

coconut lime verbena  
coffee house  
cool cucumber & melon

cool water
cotton candy  
crackling firewood  

cranberry apple marmalade  
deja vu  
eucalyptus & mint  

eucalyptus mist  
freesia & musk  
fresh fruit slices

fresh lime  
garden florals  
gardenia blossoms

gingerbread spice  
gingered jasmine  
grandma's sugar cookies

grapefruit ginger  
All Natural E.O.

grated nutmeg  

green apples  

green clover & aloe  
green tea  
groovy patchouli  

harvest spice
hazelnut latte  
heavenly (V.S. type)  

heavenly plumeria (bbw)  
hibiscus passion  

hot cocoa
ice cream cone  
iced pear

indonesian teak  
island mango  
japanese cherry blossoms
(BBW type)

juicy peach  
juicy watermelon  
juniper breeze  

lavender basil  
lavender bergamot   
All Natural E.O.
lavender fields

lavender orange   
All Natural E.O.
lemon chiffon

lemon drops  
lemongrass bergamot   
All Natural E.O.

lilac breeze  

lily of the valley  
limeleaf papaya

litsea & basil  
mango mania

mango papaya  
minty rosemary  

mom's apple pie  
mountain lake  

mulberry wine  
mulled cider  
nag champa  

night blooming jasmine  
o christmas tree  
oakmoss & clary sage  

oatmeal milk & honey  
old man winter  
orange chiffon cake  

orange clove  
orange vanilla  
papaya nectar  

patchouli raspberry  
patchouli wood  
All Natural E.O.
pears & berries (bbw type)

pineapple ginger  
pineapple paradise

pink grapefruit  
pink sugar  

pomegranate passion  
pumpkin crunch


rainforest canopy  
red currant

rose garden  
rosemary mint  
sage & chamomile  

sandalwood & vanilla  
sandalwood cypress  
All Natural E.O.
satin sheets  

sex on the beach  

snickerdoodle cookies  
soothing sandalwood  
spanish melon  

sparkling mint   
All Natural E.O.
spiced cranberry cinnamon  
storm watch

strawberry jam  
stress relief (BBW type)
sun bathe  

sweet pea & me  
tahitian black ginger  
tangerine lavender

tealeaf & jasmine  
tobacco shop  
tropical rain  

true lavender  

vanilla biscotti  

vanilla chai tea  

vanilla lavender  
viva la vanilla  
walk in the vineyard

warm baked bread  
water blossom & ivy  
white pine forest  

white tea & ginger  
white zinfandel  
winter forest

winter sage